The Toussian languages are spoken in the southwest of Burkina Faso, in between Bobo-Dioulasso, Banfora, and Orodara. There are only two Toussian languages, Northern Toussian and Southern Toussian, neither of which has received much scholarly attention. The majority of my work has been done on Northern Toussian, though I would like to study Southern Toussian in much greater depth in the future.

The genetic affinity of the Toussian languages has been debated; they have traditionally been classified as Gur languages,[1] though others, myself included, are reticent to make a definite claim regarding the matter and think it is more responsible to consider them distantly related Niger-Congo languages.[2]

Toussian Villages

The GPS coordinates and data were collected by an assistant, Minkailou Djiguiba. This should not be considered a comprehensive list of all Toussian villages. The origins listed are whatever was told to Minkailou by whomever he met, and it might not be the truth or even the consensus.

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